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Mold Removal in Oshkosh

Mold removal service in Oshkosh is very important when it comes to ensuring health and property safety. It ensures that you and the occupants of your property are safe against its spores and the toxic effects it can have on you. Mold spores can take up to 24 hours to grow in a damp, dark place; however, in some cases, mold can quickly find roots. A common example is during a lot of water damage or during sewage backup cleanup.

Water from floods, storms, burst pipes, or even the damp in rainy seasons can cause mold to grow. Fog and frost in the winter can also create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Since mold spores are everywhere, they can only grow when the humidity is 55% or above. To reduce the risk of spores growing, you may need to air out these dark, humid places.  911 Restoration uses dehumidifiers for the task.

Unfortunately, mold is not visible easily. This is especially true during its growth period. The roots start growing long before it becomes visible, making the problem of mold even trickier to fix. You must hire experts to inspect your residential or commercial property. We can help you determine if you are at risk of mold. 911 Restoration of Oshkosh can help you inspect your property and get rid of mold.

Our IICRC-certified experts inspect every corner of your property to determine if there are mold spores and if they can grow. We help you not only with mold removal, but we also eliminate the risk of spore growth.

Call 911 Restoration experts today for service or for a quote. We offer free quotes to property owners and are available 24/7, 365 days a year – even on holidays!

Dealing With Mold In Commercial Or Residential Propertiesrestoration team preparing for mold removal - 911 Restoration in Oshkosh, WI

Whether you’ve recently had a flood or simply had a burst pipe, you may have to deal with mold. Mold growth is one of the biggest problems you might face after or during water damage restoration. Mold presents a danger not only to the building structure – damages it – but also a health hazard for all others. The longer mold grows, the more harmful it becomes. Hence, it presents even more breathing issues. You may also face food poisoning, asthma, and it may even be fatal for someone with a disease or weak lungs.

There are always spores left in the air – even after mold removal. This is why DIY cleanups may not be effective. Scraping it off, tearing off drywall, or drying out the place is not a good solution for mold growth. 911 Restoration of Oshkosh uses a range of advanced equipment and steam cleaning processes to get rid of mold. We also have large fans we use to dry out and treat the area. This helps us reduce the risk of future growth.

Our services include:

  1. Mold Root Removal – We remove the mold spores and roots using advanced equipment to ensure that the spores do not return.
  2. Removing Airborne Spores – We air your property out with our portable industrial fans, drying your whole property out and making sure to remove airborne spores.
  3. Water Removal – Moisture can stay indoors for a long time, especially if condensed after flooding, water damage, or other activities. We help you get rid of it to eliminate the risk of mold grow.
  4. Moldy Silicone Sealants – Mold roots can grow well in silicone. We help you remove those roots and replace the sealants completely.

911 Restoration For Mold Removal & Better Health

If you can smell or see mold on any surface on your property, you are more than likely breathing its spores as well. Mold spores release long before you start seeing or smelling them. This is a defense process that mold uses for its survival and is why the species is found almost everywhere. This is also why mold is so hard to find and grows so easily on surfaces. You can expect mold to grow almost everywhere these days.

People who don’t have any breathing or lung problems can experience a range of health effects from mold. At 911 Restoration of Oshkosh our IICRC-certified team has all the tools and processes necessary for mold removal and finding its spores. This helps us protect you and others from breathing in spores if there is mold on your property. From a stuffy nose to a sore throat, coughing, allergies, and more, these are symptoms of mold spores in the air.

If, however, you do have a breathing or lung problem, the effect may be much worse. This is because people who have breathing difficulties, a lung condition, or a weakened immune system may not be able to fight the effect of spores on their bodies. You may get skin rashes, wheezing, tightness in the chest, or have to deal with more fatal results.

911 Restoration helps you stop the mold spores from entering your lungs in a mold area, during mold removal, and after. You can also protect yourself by wearing a suitable mask. There are a number of masks you can use, but all of them may not be effective. Surgical masks cannot stop germs from entering the lungs. Instead, they prevent your germs from spreading everywhere. The N95 mask design, on the other hand, is just for that.


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