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Sanitization Services in Oshkosh

Commercial and residential sanitization services in Oshkosh are an important part of the disaster restoration service in the area. Not only are these services an important part of all-out disaster restoration, but cleanup is also vital as a separate service for commercial and residential properties.

Property owners rely on us to create a better environment for people whose immune systems are compromised. There is a normal sanitization service in Oshkosh, but what about when you need to fight germs? Normal sanitization services can help remove dust and other larger debris. But with our sanitization service, we target germs and spores too.

911 Restoration of Oshkosh is well known for its EPA and CDC-approved cleaners. We offer protection from dangers and germs in all walks of life. Our experts go through a lot of training to get their licenses. They help you create a better residential or commercial place easily, quickly, and at low costs. We are available 24/7/365, offering quick and reliable cleaning and disinfecting services.

Call us today to learn more about our services or to get a quote. We offer free visual inspections for property owners and perform the service just the way you want it. We meet your requirements and help you get a Fresh Start and the peace of mind you want.

Our Sanitization Services in Oshkosh

Cleaning services in Oshkosh for protection against germs and mold spores require special products, machinery, and processes. Our experts have years of experience in the field that helps them not only Sanitization your property, but also to ensure that it stays that way. The products and processes we use all combine to give you a lasting service.

Let us show you how we help property owners keep their homes and commercial properties clean and safe for everyone. No matter what you require with the sanitization service, our experts are ready to help. After you call us, our experts will be at your property with the right tools (and ready to go) within 45 minutes.

While 911 Restoration’s sanitization service in Oshkosh works to help you with any type of sanitization and disinfection service, we also keep in mind our Green Earth goals. To minimize our impact and reduce our carbon footprint, we only use green tools and products.

Call us today, and let’s create a better world!

Our Range of Sanitization Services Near You 

Some of our most demanded services include:

  • Commercial Sanitization – Need to refresh your store after the lockdown? Or simply need to make it more appealing and safer for customers? Let us help you refresh your store today!
  • Residential Sanitization – Whether it’s after a disaster or you simply want to get a certain smell out of the house, we’ve got you covered. We don’t just get rid of germs, but also give your property a fresh look and feel.
  • Food Processing – Not only is keeping restaurant kitchens clean an FDA requirement, but it also attracts more customers. Give your business a boost by letting us clean the whole place!
  • Clean Rooms – Even the most carefully controlled spaces need cleaning from time to time. Let 911 Restoration of Oshkosh help you keep everything clean.
  • After Disaster Restoration – Whether it was water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal, or especially sewage backup cleanup, it is important that you remove any remaining germs. You should also get the odor out to get that Fresh Start with our help.

Complete Hazard Removal & Sanitization 

Biological hazards can make any surface dangerous and lead to infections if not cleaned properly. Our Sanitization service can help remove any germs left behind and make the place like nothing ever happened! Some of the most common hazards we Sanitization include:

Sharp Objects

A sharp object is dangerous because it can damage the skin and can create an entry point for germs. The correct way to dispose of these objects is to seal them inside approved containers. 911 Restoration helps you get rid of them correctly with special tools, helping you protect your property the right way. Our equipment and processes are approved by the EPA, CDC, and OSHA.

Liquid Waste

Fluids from human or animal bodies are also a source of biological waste. All bodily fluids, including blood, carry a high risk of being dangerous. Germs within can cause infections and illness. Hence, liquid bio-hazard waste should only be handled by professionals. If there has been a violent crime scene on your property or accident, call 911 Restoration immediately for a quick Sanitization. Let us help you stay safe.

Solid Waste

Any clothing items, towels, containers, and gloves that come in direct contact with a hazard need proper treatment first and then removal. This may be a result of water damage restoration, fire damage, or sewage backup cleanup. It is important that you stay far away from solid waste as it may release toxins that may harm you. Let 911 Restoration and its IICRC-certified and trained employees help you get rid of the waste properly.


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