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Sewage Backup in Oshkosh

Sewage backup clean-up services are essential in Oshkosh because of how common flooding is in the area. Floods and storms may lead to overflowing lines and sewage backup on your property. In most cases, overflows or leakages are a result of a clog in the sewage line. How? Rain or storms may cause the water level to rise, which leads to more pressure on the end units than on your property. When this happens, the dirty water may start flowing backward and into your property.

The leak may either be in the toilet or the kitchen. Regardless of where it is, the overflowing water can be very dangerous for you and everyone on the property. The overflow may even damage those around the property if the damage is too much. 911 Restoration of Oshkosh has a number of teams waiting to help you with sewage backup clean-up service, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our team has all the tools necessary to deal with the sewage clean up process. Hence, we can help, no matter the extent and type of overflow and damage. Our equipment includes complete PPE and any other tools that may help to quickly remove the excess water. We also immediately remove other hazards, dry your place, and clean it to make it safe for everyone.

We work with your insurance provider, builders, and the public sector to get rid of the problem from its root. During the process, we also help you get a better insurance settlement, as per your policy. Each staff member is IICRC certified, and the products we use are approved by governing bodies.

So call 911 Restoration of Oshkosh to get a team of experts at your place within 45 minutes, any time of the day!


Ensuring Safety Via Sewage Backup Clean Up Services911 restoration residential truck for water damage restoration - 911 Restoration in Oshkosh, WI

911 Restoration of Oshkosh focuses on your safety and restoring your property as it was – or even better. This way, we give you the Fresh Start you need to move on from the disaster. We are a part of the 911 Restoration group, which serves the entire U.S. However, we are a locally owned and operated branch and are well known across the nation for our quick service and great results.

Sewage backups can introduce a range of threats to your property. The biggest threat is that of the germs it brings. The longer you leave it, the more dangerous the overflow can become. It is important that you deal with it quickly. Therefore, you should never try to deal with the damage on your own if you don’t have the right equipment and tools.

We have green products that are better for the earth. Our key features include:

  • 24/7 help and emergency service
  • 365-day service, including holidays
  • Response within 45-minutes.
  • Complete coverage
  • A large network of insurance companies
  • Certified sewage backup clean-up experts
  • Approved equipment and material
  • Complete removal, water damage restoration, drying, and cleaning service
  • Advanced mold removal services after dirty water
  • Complete inspection before and after service to ensure there are no germs remaining
  • Inspecting the property to ensure there is no water damage or mold

Our Recovery Process

The recovery process usually includes four steps:

  1. Complete Inspection. Here we find out which type of water damage has occurred and the best way to resolve it.
  2. Water Removal and Drying. Our staff uses advanced motors and dryers to pump out the excess water and dry the surfaces.
  3. Clean Up & Refreshing. Water damage restoration involving Categories 2 and 3 water can lead to health dangers and very bad smells. We get rid of the risks and make your property safe again.
  4. Reconstruction. Proper reconstruction and replacements for permanently damaged items and property. It may be because of water damage or mold.

Types of Damage That Need Sewage Backup Clean Up 

There are three major types of water damage that can result arise because of sewage backup. These include:

Category 1: Fresh Water  

This type of water damage is harmless as it comes from a clean source. This may include a broken pipeline, sprinkler system, and overflowing containers. Therefore, there is also a risk of fresh water coming in through the sewage. These sources include water from rain, rivers, snow, or more.

This type of water is safe for consumption; however, you should not consume water from a sewage backup. This type of water does not harm your digestive health, lungs, or skin. Therefore, freshwater removal is easier than other categories of water damage and is rare in case of sewage backup.

Category 2: Grey Water 

Grey water is an unsafe form of water and has a large number of germs present inside. These include bacteria, viruses, urine, and chemicals. Usually, this type of water may cause sewage overflow because of seepage from storage tanks and pressure tanks. This is a very common type of water from sewage overflow. You should not try to recover from this type of damage yourself.

Consuming this water or skin contact with it can immediately cause health risks. These include rashes, vomiting, digestive issues, and infections.

Category 3: Black Water

This includes raw sewage and unclean water sources. Examples include floodwater from the sea, streams, and direct overflow from sewage lines. Black water is highly dirty with dangerous germs and toxins, such as heavy metals, industrial waste, and chemicals. This type of water from sewage overflow is also very common. Therefore, consuming blackwater can cause severe health issues and the person may require immediate help.

An inspection after the sewage backup clean-up service is crucial to ensure that there is no secondary damage. Sewage water contains a large number of bacteria and other harmful substances. Hence, mold growth resulting from greywater (dirty water) is usually black mold, known for its harmful impact on human health and persistence.

Call 911 Restoration of Oshkosh to get immediate, complete, and reliable service from our IICRC-certified team. We also share our assessment and test results with the insurance adjusters while working, facilitating your claim every step of the way. Our relationship with these adjusters often means that the process becomes relatively straightforward and that you can get a favorable settlement with your Fresh Start! Call us today, and let’s get started.


911 Restoration of Oshkosh is located at 501 Iowa St, Oshkosh, WI 54902. Give us a call 24 hours a day at (920) 260-6663.

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